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Re: SG-W:/ Local Control

Thanks Jeff S. for the info. That was really helpful. We do already have 
home rule, but sometime the state can override it. That's, I think, what 
this part is about:

>"This is about preservation of home rule, something we're already given in
>the state constitution," said Hollister. "Many local units enjoy good
>relationships with their business community and don't want to jeopardize

Awful lot of focus on business in this press release. I can't say I 
understand the motivation behind this initiative. The problem we've had with 
home rule in Pittsfield is that for example, when the local govt. decided it 
was ok to plop subdivisions in amongst our farms, they then got complaints 
from the new residents about how bad the pigs smelled. Solution: write an 
ordinance saying odor can't cross the property line. Goodby farm, hello 
Farmview Estates, and the State couldn't help because of home rule. It's 
been a nail in the coffin of Ag, which is what drove SB205, which overrides 
local ordinances on Ag and protects Right To Farm (although many folks are 
skeptical of SB205). Home rule has had no benefit when it comes to 
rezonings. That's a legal problem. If we had better home rule, could we 
assign impact fees to developers? Because we have no state enabling 
legislation for that now, and that's a huge problem.

Somebody is clearly having a problem with state regs in the business 
community, or we wouldn't have this initiative, right? Tina

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