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SG-W:/ Congrats to those running for office

Congratulations to those of you subscribed to this list who have chosen to
run for local office this fall.  Based on the list in today's Ann Arbor
News, there are quite a few of you!

I hope you all take the opportunity that this forum presents to let the
collective wisdom of the subscribers help you in your important undertaking.
We all want to see you succeed, for the future of our corner of the world.

Having said that, I still see plenty of opportunity for others to join into
the fray.  In many townships there are vacant positions where no one has
declared, or where people are running unopposed.  You can still declare as
an independent (through mid-July) and run in the election this fall.  With a
good message and an aggressive campaign, it should not matter if you are an
independent or a Democrat or a Republican, especially in these local races.
So don't be put off by the "independent" label.  Frankly, given the
Republican and Democratic choices we have these days, I wear the independent
label with pride.  But I digress...

Again, I would really like to help as many of you get elected as I can and I
am willing to facilitate or help an organized (or unorganized) effort to
make it happen.

Jeff Surfus

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