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Re: SG-W:/ Anti Sprawl Growth

As disheartening as this whole land use issue is ( and I agree, a lot of good things are being pursued, but it takes sooooo long, and we're at a critical time) the more people we have involved in educating others the better the chance for change.  I am frustrated that other issues receive top billing  too, when in fact all these issues are symptoms of  our "quality of life".  I think we need to get "in everyone's face" an make it a bigger issue than it is right now.  How do we do that?  I like your idea of an Ad, it certainly is a start.
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From: Kermit Schlansker <kssustain@provide.net>
To: Karlin Mai Danielson <danielse@engine.umich.edu>
Cc: smartgrowth <smartgrowth-washtenaw@great-lakes.net>
Date: Wednesday, May 17, 2000 8:36 AM
Subject: SG-W:/ Anti Sprawl Growth

To Karlin Danielson
    I support and admire all of the activities of Smartgrowth including Tour De Sprawl, land conservation, and changes in laws but am too old to have the energy to do what I most want to do, or what others think I should be doing.
    There is no future for my grandchildren and that is my biggest concern. The links between Sprawl, energy consumption, and land for biomass growing are so strong that Sprawl is a deadly enemy of Sustainability. The only question is how best to fight it. It hurts that abortion, gun control, and Social Security are so much more in the public view. Sprawl is a national and international problem. Even in Europe they have built too many houses. When the oil is gone then people will starve.
     This question is so important to all young people that I believe that passing out handbills to students might be a good idea. It is my belief that for the Sprawl problem to become important, Sustainability must become important, and the two issues must be linked. A group letter to President Clinton or Al Gore might help. Clinton's help is crucial because he is a lame duck and can say what he pleases. We just need to have a large enough group to influence him to say the right thing. I wish we could put an add in the paper with a lot of signatures. We need to grow like a snowball.
     An example of the conflict between Liberalism and Sustainability is this Fannie May money that is supposed to become available. Does this mean that every vacant lot in Ann Arbor will have a house built on it? We need these lots for apartment buildings. There is a clear choice between houses and Sprawl. Houses are being subsidized in many popular ways including disaster relief. We must stop this and subsidize only apartments. We need to explore living styles whereby people can save with shared walls, no lawns, and bigger gardens. Building Design and City design are crucial to Sustainability. These hard choices are not clear to most people.
                               Kermit Schlansker