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SG-W:/ PIRGIM Campaign to Fight Sprawl

I am excited to announce (to anyone who hasn't heard) that PIRGIM is
getting more involved in the effort to fight sprawl.  Our campaign
director, Brian Imus, has been increasing involved in this work for the
past year, especially on the legislative front.  This summer, we are
running our statewide citizen outreach efforts on the issue of sprawl. 
We have 20 enthusiastic college students in both Ann Arbor and Kalamazoo
talking with citizens in local communities about the problems of sprawl. 
We will be working with state legislators and local media as well.  

As sprawl is such a local issue, if you know of any specific sprawl
battles being fought in communities around southern Michigan, we'd love
to learn about them.  (Through this list I know about Newmarket and the
North Main Street battles.)  We can help bring attention to these
battles, both by talking to people at the door and by working with the
local media.  Although we, like everyone, have limited time and
resources, we're certainly happy to help in any way we can.  

>From two weeks of talking to people door-to-door, I can definately tell
you that this is an issue people care about.  They just don't know what
they can do about it.  That's what we're all out here for!  Keep up the
excellent work. 

		Megan Owens


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