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SG-W:/ election organizing and this email list

To all,

Having put the offer out for this email list and myself in helping develop
messages and a strategy for educating voters, I need to make a clarification
about the purpose of this list so we don't get ourselves and our sponsoring
organization into an awkward situation.

This listserv is supported by grants made to the Michigan Environmental
Council, a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation.  As such MEC cannot, does not
and will not participate in electioneering, this includes the most blatant,
such as endorsing a candidate (no matter how strongly they support growth
management) or even subtle encouragements to support a particular candidate.

As the election year heats up, the temptation for all of us to advocate for
excellent public officials will be quite strong.  While MEC acknowledges the
importance of like-minded elected officials to our overall cause, I
sincerely urge you all not to jeopardize the future of this forum by using
it for political election messages.


Please contact Conan Smith (conanmec@voyager.net) of MEC directly if you'd
like to discuss this position or need clarification on what is or is not
eligible fodder for the list.  If you have a message that you think may
cross the line, Conan or I will be happy to review it before you send it.

That being said, I don't want it to get in the way of good things happening.
It is a matter of semantics and placing our discussion in the proper
context.  Let's keep our discussions in the context of educating the public
rather than in the context of electoral strategies or specific campaigns.
Does this make sense?

Jeff Surfus

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