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SG-W:/ urban sprawl and wise land use management

I learned a great deal about sprawl and how to deal effectively with it
from the web site
described in the message below.  We have a long way to go in this county to
curb sprawl.

Bruce A. Manny
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> Concerned about urban sprawl and land use management?  Check out what
> experts and others had to say at the Municipal Workshop, held September
> 24, 1999 in conjunction with the International Joint Commission's 1999
> Milwaukee Biennial Meeting on Great Lakes Water Quality.  More important
> than just talking about problems, the speakers presented innovative
> approaches that are actively being implemented.
> -        Dr. Robert Burchell, Rutgers University.  The Economics of
> -        Mr. Ron Young, Maryland Office of Planning.  Maryland's Smart
> -        Mr. Sam Edwards, Tennessee Chapter, American Planning
> Tennessee's Unified Design and Arbitration Process -- Local Government
> Owning their Own Regional Approach
> -        Ms. Lynne Woolstencroft, City of Waterloo, Ontario.  Role of
> Governments in Effective Land Management
> The session, hosted by Wisconsin State Senator Brian Burke, also included
> insightful perspectives by John Norquist, Mayor of Milwaukee, Wisconsin;
> and Peter Yeomans, Mayor of Dorval Quebec.  In addition, Ms. Jan Marsh of
> the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency provided information about
> America Bonds.
> The transcript of the Municipal Workshop is posted on the Commission's
> site at:
> http://www.ijc.org/milwaukee/transcript/99_12d_municipal.html
> Transcripts of selected other sessions from the Commission's Biennial
> Meeting, including presentations by U.S. EPA Administrator Carol Browner
> and the Commission's Boards, as well as the Commission's Public Hearing
> Progress under the Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement, are also posted
> for your use at:
> http://www.ijc.org/milwaukee/postprog.html

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