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To all:  

Yes, it's still cold and rainy today...but the weather should clear up for 
our first monthly campfire of the year:  tomorrow night, Saturday, May 20th, 
beginning at sunset.  Bring lawn chairs, campfire refreshments, friends & 
family (extra firewood would be appreciated, too).

The entrance to LeFurge Woods is on the east side of Prospect Road, exactly 
1/2 mile north of Geddes.

On a related note, we closed on the adjacent 10-acre parcel on Wednesday, and 
I just returned from the closing on the new 80 acre parcel.  We now own over 
260 acres at LeFurge Woods--and we own the full mile along the east side of 
Prospect Road between Geddes and Vreeland Roads.  Thanks go out to the many 
individuals who loaned us money to finance the purchase (you know who you 
are--pat yourself on the back!).  Now we have the fun chore of raising money 
to pay off the loans...but we're confident that people will step forward to 
support this effort.

After the closing, I briefly visited the wetland area at LeFurge Woods.  Once 
again, I saw the two trumpeter swans which have been regular visitors this 
spring.  What a wonderful sight!  I also observed a muskrat munching on 
cattails and four baby ducklings swimming after their mother.  It's rewarding 
to know that this landscape will be around for future generations to enjoy.

So...come on out and celebrate with us Saturday night.  Non-members are 
especially welcome.  But if you'd like a brochure on our group, please e-mail 
me and I'll mail one out to you.  Thanks.

Jack Smiley
Southeast Michigan Land Conservancy

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