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SG-W:/ Vote for Cycling in Ann Arbor!

You can help put back Ann Arbor's full-time Bicycle Coordinator! 
Long ago, when the City of Ann Arbor cared about more than just making more traffic, we had a full-time Bicycle Coordinator with benefits.  This is the person who works for bike parking city-wide, who works for more bike lanes and paths for cyclists and pedestrians, who tries to remind the City that if all we build is more accommodations for cars, all we'll get is more traffic. 
We're trying to get a full-time Bike Coordinator back, and you can help.  But there isn't much time!  City Council will vote the evening of Tuesday May 30th!  It's easy to help:
1. Forward this message to any friend of walking or bicycling you know in Ann Arbor.
2. Choose your council members' email from the list below.  If the line is underlined, just click on it.  Otherwise select the line, copy it, choose to write a new message, and paste into the "To:" line.
3. Set the subject of your message to "I want a full-time Bicycle Coordinator!".
4. Write whatever you want in the text, but please at least include your name and address.
5. Send the message!
6. Accept the eternal gratitude of your favorite Ann Arbor cyclist or walker!
First Ward       
THanna-Davies@ci.ann-arbor.mi.us, JHieftje@ci.ann-arbor.mi.us, ISheldon@ci.ann-arbor.mi.us
Second Ward
DFreiburg@ci.ann-arbor.mi.us, JUpton@ci.ann-arbor.mi.us, ISheldon@ci.ann-arbor.mi.us
Third Ward
JCarlberg@ci.ann-arbor.mi.us, HHerrel@ci.ann-arbor.mi.us, ISheldon@ci.ann-arbor.mi.us
Fourth Ward
SHartwell@ci.ann-arbor.mi.us, MHiggins@ci.ann-arbor.mi.us, ISheldon@ci.ann-arbor.mi.us
Fifth Ward
EDaley@ci.ann-arbor.mi.us, CcKolb@aol.com, ISheldon@ci.ann-arbor.mi.us
Don't know what Ward you're in?  Go to this webpage to find out: www.aadems.org/wards.
This campaign is a joint effort of the Ann Arbor Bicycle Commuter Connection (www.aabcc.org) and the Washtenaw Bicycling and Walking Coalition (www.wbwc.org).