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Re: SG-W:/ manufactured housing

Hi all. There is an opportunity to go to Lansing tomorrow and speak our piece on House Bill #4181 which is meeting in committee in room 521 in the House Office Bldg at 9:15am.  If you can manage to go, do so!  When you enter the room, fill out the testimony card which gives you the right to speak your point of view.

This bill is about the composition of the mobile home commission and already it has been renamed substitute H-2 and there may be several more.  This means that people are seriously discussing it and  hopefully a few of us can make it so that our point of view can be written into the record.

If you can't make it,  you can send your written opinion to John Hansen (rephansen@aol.com) 
and it also will be written into the record.  I know this is short notice but nobody in Lansing knew much before now. This was one of the bottomline concerns  recently expressed on this list serv so I hope someone can takethis opportunity.

In the future, the other three bills on the mobile home industry will be also going to committee and we will be notified about them as well.  If you would like a copy of each bill and the analysis of each bill, I can fax them to you.  Let me know.

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To All,
In my response to Laura (and others on these lists) I forgot to clarify what, at least 2 of the bills are attempting to do, so I will do that now.
One bill (don't have any numbers yet) would "send financial aid to school district dealing with enrollment increases from new manufactured home developments" (note: nothing said about those schools struggling now with the new developments, I guess we will simply pass bonds to build new schools for this growth....another  piece of farmland bites the dust).  The second piece is probably the most important, it will "add more local government representation on the state Manufactured Housing Commission, which oversees state regulators.  The 11 member commission, appointed by the governor, sets construction rules and other guidelines for manufactured homes,and rules on "disputes"(added quotation, dispute would indicate that both sides are heard and given credence to, this rarely happens- the developer generally wins) between developer and local governments.By law it includes one locally elected official and five industry reps.  Critics say that gives the industry too much influence." (No-DUH).
I really hope people get involved on this issue, it won't be changed if only residents who are battling a mobile home developer right now are the only ones to speak out.
Again, I think environmental organizations can do a lot to make in-roads on this.  The Sierra club is another group that would be able to reach their members and ask them to contact their representative, as well as Rep. Garcia, and Scranton.  I know they are making sprawl a concern of theirs.
Communities that are hit with these should be nominated as the "poster child" of sprawl.
I will keep you posted on this.

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