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Re: SG-W:/ manufactured housing

Hi Kristen,

That is an old version of the bill. Today's version, fresh from Hansen's
office, has 13 members on the commission:
1 rep of a residents organization
1 rep of a financial institution
2 operators of a licensed mobile home park
1 labor rep
4 elected official (local govt.)
1 mobile home dealer
2 reps from mobile home residents
1 manufacturer of mobile homes

and a quorum is 8 members.

There may be more changes tomorrow. The changes are in the right direction,
but won't change the power structure.

Anyone who wants to send a written comment, before 9 a.m. tomorrow, or go to
Lansing for the committee meeting, give me a call tonite at (734) 475-8168.
We might not get a lot out of this, but Lansing needs to know that the
locals are stirring. (mad as h--- and won't take it anymore)

Charlotte Anderson
Stewards of Sharon (Township)

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