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SG-W:/ tax bills

This information came from the Michigan Association of Counties.  It
seems to imply that the implementation bills for agricultural tax breaks
can stand alone without the tiebarred constitutional amendment.

> Agriculture Tax Package (Pop Up Tax): This package of bills will allow
> farmland to be taxed on its use value.  The four-bill package is tie
> barred together.  While the implementation bills have passed the House
> and Senate, SJR M and HJR R did not.  In order for the bills to pass,
> SJR M or HJR R need to be placed on the ballot for voter approval.  The
> House and Senate could not get the 2/3 votes needed to pass the
> resolution.  Due to this fact, the agriculture tax break package will
> consist of SB 709 and SB 1246.
> -- SJR M & HJR R  Constitutional Amendment farmers lands to be assessed
> at its highest & best use.
> -- SB 709  Caps assessment increases at Proposal A levels if
> agricultural land is sold and kept at agricultural use.
> -- SB 1246  Recapture of tax benefits if the land is sold for
> development.

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