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Re: SG-W:/ county land preservation proposal

In a message dated 6/13/2000 7:41:38 PM EST, breuninger@fbwebmaster.com 

<< I am curious why farmland was excluded from the millage proposal.  Perhaps 
that is why the Home Builders Association is endorsing this proposal.  They 
will probably think this is good idea,  make taxes go up so financially 
strapped farmers have to sell land to them to pay their bills.  Think about 
that while you're eating  the safest, most inexpensive food in the world!  It 
is too bad farmers were excluded! >>

Bruce:  You're right on as to why farmland was excluded, but not so as to tax 
farmers more and drive them off the land.  None of us who have been active on 
this current proposal have abandoned farmland preservation, myself 
especially.  Many people are still scared off by the firestorm farmland 
caused as part of Proposal 1, there is a poor understanding of agriculture 
and its role in our economy and land use by most elected officials and the 
general public and there was no chance to put that part of the failed 
proposal back on the ballot this year.  Our thought here was to float 
something that had a decent chance to get opposition support and ultimately 
that of the electorate, and keep other considerations open for the future.  
While I have had some hesitancy in this current effort, I do feel that a 
successful ballot measure will be beneficial to our long-term efforts to 
protect farmland, which is what needs to happen for real change to occur.  So 
please don't give up hope, there's much to do, and I'm doing everything else 
I can to set the stage for successful efforts in the near future.

Barry Lonik

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