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SG-W:/ Pittsfield Master Plan

Just a quick note:

Many of the folks on this listserv came to the 1995 Master Plan hearing in 
Pitts, when our benighted planning commission threw open the doors to the 
out of control growth we have now. Now that they have approved Newmarket, 
and have several other dense fake New-Urbanist designs on tap for Michigan 
Ave, they want to patch up the central part of our plan to allow even denser 
development than the 1995 plan. I won't go into detail here about the folly 
of this, but the brief points are: TRAFFIC, FLOODING, SEWER CAPACITY, 
SCHOOLS, AND ENVIRONMENTAL DISASTER, not to mention those of us who earn our 
living in the agricultural sector possibly losing our land to special 
assessments to serve these developments.

PLease come and speak up at the workshop on July 12, 7 pm, Township Hall. We 
must represent our point of view: That we support parts of the existing 
Master Plan that plan for Business Parks and light industrial on State St 
(Not jam packed mixed residential communities), and the existing planned 
commercial areas; and most importantly, that we want the Central 
Agricultural area withdrawn from the sewer service area. This clay based, 
wet area simply can't be intensively developed without sewer and water, thus 
saving the rate payers a ton of money by not having to increase our sewer 
contract, protecting our environment, and avoiding the inevitable lawsuits 
from the new residents IF Newmarket and other PUDs are built, when they have 
basements awash in sewage and assorted gifts from the swamp.

hearing will be too late. So come to the workshop if you want to make any 
All The Best, Tina

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