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SG-W:/ I'm a pig

Hi all again-

So, the world is a pig, and so am I. With proposal one, in 1998, I backed it 
100%. I put it in my literature, as I was running for County Commissioner. I 
handed out literature at the polls for me and prop 1, while my opponent, 
Marlene Chockley, very weakly supported it and didn't ask people to vote 
yes. We were standing together at the polls, and I asked her if she was 
going to ask people to vote for it, and she said she'd let them make up 
their own minds, or words to that effect. She's a marvelous fence straddler, 
as we all know.

The result of course was that I got creamed by about the same margin as Prop 
one. One of the big problems here in Pittsfield, was that we knew we'd never 
get any of the money we were asking folks to pony up. Our Master Plan is so 
horrible, it would not have put us in a good position to get any funding 
from the millage. It would have gone to the western counties, where it was 
defeated even worse, by the very farmers who would have benefitted. I'm a 
farmer, and I found this very frustrating.

So, my question is, would we here in Pittsfield be able to get any of the 
money from this new proposed millage?I hate to be a pig, but we just can't 
lose the election this time around, or Pittsfield WILL be Canton.
- Tina. PS, if this is too political for the listserv, please let me know 
and I'll rewrite it. Tina
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