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Re: SG-W:/ I'm a pig

As the person most familiar with the proposed scoring criteria for the 
proposed natural area preservation millage (my wife wrote it a couple years 
ago) I would say most definitely that land in Pittsfield will be eligible for 
the funding if it all gets approved.  I can think of a number of 
properties--idenitified in a letter I wrote to the township last year--that 
have the qualities sought in this program.  While much of Pittsfield has been 
developed (or is slated to be), there are some real gems there that are 
worthy of protection:  good size, high quality--at least what I can tell from 
the road and other publicly-available means.  Of course it does depend on how 
properties are nominated (I'd like to see it as inclusive as possible, with 
landowners applying but also individuals and groups making suggestions, as 
happens with the Michigan Natural Resources Trust Fund) and how they are 
scored, but the game's wide open from my perspective.

Barry Lonik
Washtenaw-Potawatomi Land Trust

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