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SG-W:/ Rezoning request in York Township

To all,

This message was bounced to me from a nonsubscriber to this list.  She is
involved in York Township growth issues and has an inquiry.  Please direct
your responses directly to her, as she is not a subscriber.

Jeff Surfus


As reported in the A2 News local section pg.5 (Thursday, July 13). Also =
in the Saline Reporter front page (Thursday, July 13).

There is a 630-acre Saline Valley Farms along Mikey and Maple roads, =
currently zoned as conservation preservation (CP). The parcel includes =
about 200 acres of wetlands, a river, and a 10-acre lake, it is one of =
the last natural spots in the township. Saline Based Peters Building Co. =
has requested 430 acres of the land be rezoned as interim agriculture =
(A2), to build 350 -  $300.000 to $1 million dollar homes. A  Washtenaw =
County land preservation proposal has been put on the ballot, and I feel =
this issue is along those very lines. Peters Building Co. is a local Co. =
that I think will have a lot of clout. The York Township Planning =
Commision has tabled the proposal saying more research is necessary, I =
would like to help give them some research that would be in favor of =
preserving that land. Can anyone help me in doing this? I am new to this =
and could use some help with ideas and the proper people to contact. I =
hope you find this as interesting and sickening as I do.
Thank You,
Cindy Mercer - NelCin@qix.net

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