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Re: SG-W:/ Bluffs preservation advances

Congratulations! I wanted to come, but my daughter was sick. I hope you get 
the DNR grant.

This only makes me more heartbroken that our board here in Pittsfield 
refused to apply for a grant for a major part of the Newmarket property a 
couple years ago: 150 acres for under 1 million dollars. They felt it was 
too expensive! No matter how we tried to explain that this was the last, 
best, cheapest land in Pittsfield, and even though we had a bridging agency 
(the Trust For Public Land) AND a parks millage, our board remained 
steadfast in it's desire to see this land destroyed and developed (A 4 to 3 
vote: Doug Woolley, Marjorie Shelton, Bob Skrobola, and Judy Bocklage were 
adamant that this land fall into developer's hands. Boos to them. Our 
supporters were: Pat Lennington, Judith Walter, and Jim Aldrich. Cheers to 
them) Tina.

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>Subject: SG-W:/ Bluffs preservation advances
>Date: Tue, 22 Aug 2000 01:57:23 EDT
>Thanks to all who came out Monday night in support of the Bluffs. Below is 
>copy of our latest press release.
>--Bill Hanson,
>For Friends of the Bluffs
>Ann Arbor City Council clears way for Bluffs preservation
>August 22, 2000 (For immediate release)
>ANN ARBOR -- The effort to save the Bluffs, a steep-sloped 17-acre urban
>forest and wetlands along the banks of the Huron River, cleared another 
>hurdle last night when the Ann Arbor City Council unanimously approved a
>measure to seek state funds for the site's acquisition and preservation.
>Bob Johnson, cofounder of Friends of the Bluffs, the grassroots group that
>formed nearly two years ago to fight for preservation of the site, called 
>Council vote "a wonderful thing."
>"We're so pleased that City Council recognized the importance that this
>beautiful piece of land holds for so many people in our community," Johnson
>added. "Preserving the Bluffs as a park or natural area is the right thing 
>A Farmington Hills-based development company recently pulled the plug on
>Autumn Ridge, a controversial luxury condominium project slated for the
>Bluffs, after its plans for the site were rejected by the Ann Arbor 
>Commission on two separate occasions last year.
>Representatives of two leading environmental groups joined Friends of the
>Bluffs in praising last night's vote.  "We salute Council for its decisive
>vote to preserve this special site," said Mary Beth Doyle of the Ecology
>Center. "Every time the City moves to protect a  great natural area, our
>community is better off."
>Doug  Cowherd, chair of the Sierra Club-Huron Valley Group, added that
>protecting natural areas is something that Ann Arbor residents have been
>urging their locally elected officials to do for some time. "The Bluffs 
>connect  six existing parks to create the finest urban natural area in
>Southeast Michigan. Our children's children will be delighted with our 
>in preserving this land."
>The measure approved by City Council Monday night seeks to secure 50% of 
>funds to acquire the Bluffs from the Michigan Natural Resources Trust Fund.
>The City would pick up the other half of the acquisition costs. Independent
>appraisals of the Bluffs property have not yet been carried out, but park
>commissioners estimated the site to be worth  about $1.1 million.
>  (end)
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