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SG-W:/ Aug. 24 Ypsilanti Courier Editorial

In his editiorial, Dave Melchior, the publisher, has weighed in against
the county open space proposal.  I am disappointed in Dave, because he
is usually quite thoughtful (he has endorsed anti-sprawl candidates for
many years, including me, twice)  but in this case his parochialism and
automatic anti-tax conservatism have blinded him.

He argues that any countywide millage for open space will fail to
benefit the already developed communities, since he assumes there will
be no land preserved near them, and that any protected open space
elsewhere will simply allow developers to make more money as they create
sprawl heading that way.  (As in "Buy your house in this new development
overlooking Washtenaw County's X nature preserve..")

He wants each governmental unit to control its own destiny, and thinks
land conservancies (the private sector) can do the whole job.  This is
ironic, since Ypsi City's budget crises have dominated the news--they
cannot maintain their existing parks, let alone invest in new ones.  He
praises Superior Land Conservancy without realizing that some $850,000
of our land purchase funds have come from the state's Natural Resources
Fund and PDR monies, and the Township's match, not just private

Your letters to the editor might help to educate the readers against
Dave's misdirected opinion.  Letters should arrive by Tuesday for the
Thursday weekly edition:
Ypsi Courier
133 W. Michigan Ave. Suite 131
P.O. Box 980799
Ypsilanti MI 48198-0799

Doug and others--I think we can change his mind but it will take a
meeting.  Let's coordinate.  We need to show Dave that Ypsilanti
citizens will benefit.

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