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Re: SG-W:/ Chelsea Mobile Home Park


Can you provide any additional information on this proposal? The
relevant points would include:

1)  Whose jurisdiction?

2)  Existing land uses and environmental features

3)  Surrounding land uses

4)  Surrounding zoning

5)  Master Plan [local and county]

6)  Existing or planned utilities [water and sewer]

7)  Existing or planned MH parks in the area

While there's appeal in a moratorium proposal, legally, it would be hard
to defend.  What if someone proposed a MH park where it is zoned and
planned for that kind of development?  How could you justify the
moratorium if it would block that development?

Instead, it makes more sense to focus on why this is a bad proposal for
this location [if indeed it is] and what affordable housing alternatives
there are to MH parks.  Considering the location's proximity to the
Village of Chelsea, it seems that an argument could be made for a
neo-traditional development incorporating affordable housing in place of
a MH park [if the current AG zoning is not defensible -- if it is, then
the argument should start there.  Contrary to popular opinion, the
courts have upheld AG zoning versus MH parks by Townships.]

Andrew Mutch

David Brooks wrote:

>  If anyone is interested in a SmartGrowth show, there will be a public
> hearing on rezoning about 100 acres southwest of Chelsea from Ag to
> Mobile Home Park. The public hearing will be Thursday, 31 August 2000
> at 7:30 P.M. in the Sylvan Township Hall, 18027 Old US-12, Chelsea,
> MI. At the same time and place there is another hearing on a special
> use permit for the Village to build an Electrical Substation in the
> same general area. There is no knowing which they will do first.
> I'm considering suggesting the all the townships in Washtenaw County
> declare a moratorium on Mobile Home Park permits while a county wide
> citizen education campaign, is conducted. Then a county wide Mobile
> Home Park master plan should be developed that minimizes the negative
> impacts of Mobile Home Parks without bankrupting the Townships or
> County with court costs.
> A couple of ideas in the back of my mind that may or may not be any
> good are to put the master plan to a vote of the whole county. If the
> voters reject the master plan we might have to live with whatever a
> court dictates and I know there is no court in the state that doesn't
> hate these cases. Another idea is to substitute Housing Rip-off Scheme
> everywhere I used Mobile Home Park.
> Regardless of what I do all the same old issues will get dragged out
> in a new venue.

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