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Re: SG-W:/ Chelsea Mobile Home Park

normally folks the apple is rotten from the inside out.  

this is how it really works
first  the developer gets together with the land owner and makes an option on 
the land then the developer goes to the township and pushes through the 

here is where the fun begins   then the developer and the land owner go to 
the bankers  and ask for  10  to 20 million dollars or however much it takes 
to start the manufactured housing community      

then they round up 2 or 3 mobile home dealers and get the dealers to agree to 
rent all the lots in advance  maybe 3 dealers will split   400  lots  and pay 
$250.00  apiece per month    each month maybe  $ 25,0000.00 per dealer per 
month  to the developer and the landowner  to acquire the spaces  in advance. 
  then the dealers also give away 6 months lot rent with the sale  so the 
prices of the homes are inflated  to cover all these costs superimposed by 
the developer and the landowner  because the banker will not  loan the money 
to the developer if the dealers dont come along .

this may sound far fetched to you   but   alot of lenders are out of business 
 because of this right here  A.K.A.   Associates ;  Indymac ;  Bank 1  are 
out  Conseco  is still around  Greenpoint just shut down 20 offices 
nationwide the current trend  is called right sizing anybody heard of it ?

The solution is simple  have these people build Modular Home Subdivisions 
where the land is sold with the home . Just like any other subdivision  which 
will create the tax base with homes that can sell from  $120,000.00 to  
$180,000.00   which no one is catering to right now.

I will try to be at this meeting if my schedule will allow .

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