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Re: SG-W:/ Dexter Power Plant?!

Conan - Jennie Breuninger and I just found out about this from another 
farmer, Carl Lesser, at Farm Bureau on Tuesday. I was shocked! He said the 
nearby landowners were just now being notified, that negotiations had been 
underway for some time and nobody in the area was notified at all. He said 
it was like another plant, but I can't remember where that other plant was. 
The plant people are presenting it like it's a done deal, but I assume 
they're bluffing. His big beef was that the zoning would have to be changed, 
and his use value taxation would go up. (He's not one of your more enviro - 
friendly farmers - Carl Lesser was a leading voice in Farmer's against 
Proposal One in 1998). Anyhow, a rezoning certyainly would be necessary - so 
there will be some procedure. Seems like a horrible idea to me.

Jennie, does that sound about right? Carl usually has about half the 
relevant info, and stuff gets a little garbled. Tina

>From: "Conan Smith" <conanmec@voyager.net>
>To: "Smartgrowth-Washtenaw@Great-Lakes.Net" 
>Subject: SG-W:/ Dexter Power Plant?!
>Date: Thu, 31 Aug 2000 10:43:53 -0400
>Yesterday Isaac Elnecave, MEC's Air Quality specialist, met with a planning
>group that is preparing to build a natural gas power plant in Dexter Twp on
>a "non productive" farm.  The plant would use forty acres of the 100-some
>acre parcel allowing the remainder to be used as wetland mitigation land or
>parkland for the community. The project would, of course, include a couple
>200 foot smokestacks.  Has anyone been involved in the planning of this
>project?  What's the word?!  What in the world?!  What about using a
>brownfield instead of a greenfield?
>Conan Smith
>Land Programs Director
>Michigan Environmental Council
>119 Pere Marquette, Suite 2A
>Lansing, MI  48912
>p. (517) 487-9539
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