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SG-W:/ Pittsfield Master Plan Tonight!

Sorry to post this so late -I did a mailer too, so a lot of you got the info 

TONIGHT, August 31, 2000, 7:30 pm at Pittsfield Township Hall (6201 Michigan 
Ave. corner of State and Platt)

This meeting is the first presentation of Master Plan ideas for the 
ill-conceived Central Area Amendment to the Master Plan. Thanks to everyone 
who came to the July 12 workshop. Without you, the Planning Commission could 
simply have said everyone wants Newmarket and the other unpopular mixed use 
PUDs proposed for this agricultural area. Your input was vital.

Now, stay involved and come tonight. The Planning Commission is trying to 
put back everything we clearly said we didn't want: Newmarket and other high 
density mixed use that will drive farmers like us out by inflicting huge 
special assessments and environmental damage, and obviously cause flooding, 
massive traffic congestion, and enormous school overcrowding for everyone 
else. Also, this is the last, best, cheapest land in Pitts, so our Parks 
millage will be thrown away on a few crappy, high priced scraps of land that 
are left if the Planning Commission gets their way.

OR.. maybe I'm overreacting. Maybe the planner will listen to us, not our 
benighted planning commissioners. Come! See for Yourself! See you tonight - 

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