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SG-W:/ updates on land preservation initiatives...

As I'm not a resident of Washtenaw County, it's a bit harder to follow what's
going on at the ground-level in the various communities.  So, I'm hoping some of
you can satisfy my curiousity on a couple of issues that I've come across
recently on the web.

1)  New schools site in Pittsfield:  I saw in the A2 News online that Saline
School District wants to build a new high school and elementary school off Mich.
Ave in Pittsfield.  There was a comment from one of the Township Trustees that
this didn't square with the Township's land use plans.  Is this a good or bad
development for those of you in Pittsfield.

2)  Farmland Preservation in A2 Township:  I had a chance last night to peruse
the A2 Township web site [a nicely done job, BTW] and saw that the Township was
contracting with the Potawatomi Land Trust to handle a conservation easement in
the Township.  Where are preservation efforts in the TWP?  I had heard in the
past that the Township might pursue a PDR millage but I didn't see anything on
the site about it.  Also, I know that the pro-land use members of the Township
Board were being challenged by candidates who were getting "shadow" funding --
where is all that at and how do people thing the elections will go?  Can A2
Township be a success story or will it go the way of Pittsfield TWP?

Andrew Mutch

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