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Re: SG-W:/ Dexter Power Plant?!

Steve Bean was on target with his statements on the size of this parcel and 
how much land would be used for the facility.  It's currently mostly 
farmland, with some woods and wetlands.  It's doubtful that T&E species will 
be found on the site, but you never know until you look.  There's probably 
enough dry land to avoid direct wetland impacts (filling).

The process would require master plan and zoning ordinance changes to occur, 
as both now have the land listed as agricultural.  I can't imagine folks 
around here will be real crazy about it, given how they've fought a gas 
station proposal on land that's planned and zoned commercial, and for which 
that use is permitted.

I hope that Steve and others will offer questions and concerns as this 
project progresses.  As a township resident, I need to know from others about 
topics that are not in my background.

Barry Lonik

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