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Re: SG-W:/ Dexter Power Plant?!

Someone mentioned that the plant would be cooled with water pumped from the City
of Ann Arbor's Wastewater Treatment Plant.  Isn't that on the other side of US-23
in Superior Township?  That seems like quite a pipeline -- I'm wondering how they
are going to get that through the City of Ann Arbor??

If the Township does allow this to move forward, one would hope that they really
take a close look at the impact on surrounding land uses.  Can't you see the
attorney's now -- "ABC Development company should be permitted this rezoning to
[pick your sprawl category] because of the adjacency to a Power Plant.  Who wants
to live next to a power plant??"  Maybe some of that revenue generated can be set
aside for PDR and other mechanisms to protect the surrounding community from
negative growth?

Andrew Mutch

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