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Re: SG-W:/ Dexter Power Plant?!

It is the case that this proposed power plant would pump treated Ann Arbor 
wastewater effluent from Dixboro Rd. at the river to Dexter Township, a 
distance of some 20 miles, probably along existing Detroit Edison 

It does seem that farming may be a compatible use for adjacent property if 
this proposal succeeds.  There was interest expressed at the meeting on 
Wednesday in assisting with open space preservation through PDR in the 
township.  The Panda reps also stated that since only 30 of the 110 acres of 
this property would be needed for the facility, the remainder could be 
restored wetlands and such.  I once again find that people fail to see the 
importance of farmland anywhere, and will be arguing that it the best use for 
that 80 acres (less the woods and wetlands already there) as part of the 
4,000 acre ag district out here, and that if they really want to spend money 
for PDR that it ought to be spent for farmland preservation.  It's all 
education, right?


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