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SG-W:/ Power Plant

   The power plant in Dexter needs to be examined on Sustainability criteria. This is probably a peaking plant which means that it will be used mostly in summer to take care of air conditioning peaks. It probably is just a gas turbine which I believe would give about 30% efficiency. In contrast a plant which has both gas turbine and steam might have an efficiency of close to 50%. I object to the low efficiency.
     In my opinion peaking plants should put in buildings as combined heat and power plants. This type plant would be smaller but in winter all of the waste heat would be used. The problem of getting rid of heat in summer is surmountable. This would mean smaller plants scattered around but the efficiency would be much higher. Schools, city hall, and large buildings would be places to do this.
       The substitution of natural gas for coal is not a good idea unless the efficiency of the installation is much greater. This is true because we have limited amounts of natural gas. Substitution of gas for oil and coal will make us run out quicker. The consumption aspects of this will be more important than the pollution aspect within a few years. The only answer is living clusters that do not require cars. Support the ecomindium idea!
        Environmentalists need a positive policy which anticipates problems and gives solutions rather than the negative idea of rejecting everything. We must support apartments, clustered carless housing, tree planting, cottage manufacturing, cogeneration, farming, and biomass energy if humans are to survive the coming oil famine. Every new house built is a millstone around the necks of our children.
       It could be that the waste water treatment plant itself would be the best place to build a power plant.
       www.egroups.com/group/RunningOnEmpty is source that may convince some of you. Click on "files"  and then on the 2 page convince sheet.
                                   Kermit Schlansker   PE