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Re: SG-W:/ Chelsea Area Planning? (was Sylvan Twp Mobile Home Park)

This thread makes me wonder what is happening with the Chelsea Area Planning
group that I've heard about. I read in the AA News that they were supposed
to have had a meeting last Monday to (I think) get public comment on some
plan they've come up with.  Does anyone have an update or any comments about
this group?  I'd also be interested in contact info for them.

David Brooks wrote:
> Bruce, that was a great summary of the Mobile Home Park rezoning hearing
> at the Sylvan Township hall last night.  I'm sorry I didn't see you and
> have a chance to say hi. The man beside the attorney Mr. Fayhe was Gerry
> Dresselhouse the Township supervisor. Gerry is not running for reelection
> in November and I'm running with out party affiliation. The Mobile Home
> Park Developer promised to pay 4% of the lot rentals to the Township. The
> PC Chairman (PC=Planning Commission NOT politically correct) claimed that
> 4% was the highest kickback (sorry I mean payment in lieu of taxes) in the
> state. That could be as much as $5,600 per month to the Township.
> In my comments I brought up the 300 to 600 School age children that this
> park could add to the Chelsea District and the fact that the Houses ($55k
> to $100k each) only pay $3 per month in School Support. Police, fire,
> water, sewer, storm drainage, traffic, etc, etc were all brought up. Those
> issues were considered part of the preliminary site plan approval process.
> There is no public hearing on it but we were reminded the Planning
> Commission meetings our open to the Public. The constant threat in the
> background was that if you don't like this really cool mobile home park
> you'll get a REAL 800-unit piece of crap rammed down your throat.
> Unfortunately that threat is not far from the truth. See Sharon Twp, Lima
> Twp, Stockbridge or any other example.
> If you think this rezoning passed with ease you should have seen the 800
> unit mixed single family and multiple family proposal that was passed the
> month before. I think if you added up all the permits for housing units in
> and around Chelsea it will double the Village in the next five years.
> Dave

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