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SG-W:/ Power Plant

My message about the new plant being a peaking plant was probably in error because the cooling water would be needed only for a high efficiency dual cycle plant. However my remarks about the superiority of cogeneration still stand. Power companies give large users like the city sewage plant big price breaks to stop them from building plants because they know that cogeneration and comanufacturing are very cost and energy effective. As far as I am concerned all new power plants should be Wind, biomass, solar, cogeneration, or comanufacturing. A simple example of a comanufacturing plant would be a laundry which generates power and uses the waste heat to heat its hot water and building. This means smaller plants and more of them. Low pollution and high efficiency generally go together. There are exceptions. However within 10 years energy scarcity will be much more important than low pollution. Please push tree planting  and agricultural biofuels programs. They will help in saving land for our children. Our farmers should be using methanol from Ag wastes and wood or possibly ethanol from corn as fuel. Ethanol from corn can be produced much more efficiently if fermentation and distillation is done in winter and all waste heat is used for space heating. The other possibility would be to use solar mirrors to distill in summer.
      The need for new power plants could be reduced by better efficiencies. A penny tax on electricity would probably produce enough revenue to give out free fluorescent bulbs. This is better than a new power plant and is not a tax increase.
                                                  Kermit Schlansker