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To All.
      The two page "Convince Sheet" can be obtained at www.egroups.com/groups/RunningOnEmpty    then click on "files" and then on 2 page convince sheet. This message contains a lot of information on energy and is condensed for easy circulation. Everyone needs to read it. My web page outlines solutions and is at http://provide.net/~kssustain 
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From: Kermit Schlansker <kssustain@provide.net>
To: RunningOnEmpty <RunningOnEmpty@onelist.com>
Date: Thursday, September 07, 2000 8:26 AM
Subject: Presentation

 To Bruce Thomson,
         Last night I delivered copies of the convince sheet to the Washtenaw county commissioners and to an  AA News reporter covering the meeting. I have already delivered copies to the Ann Arbor city council. There was a 5 minute citizen comment and this is what I said. I hope people in other towns will take similar steps.
                         Land  For The Future
       Within the next 10 to 20 years the price of oil will skyrocket to the point that gasoline rationing will be essential. Natural gas will also become in such short supply that heating homes will be difficult. Under those conditions we will need more farmland because the farmer will not only have to grow food but also energy. There are no inexpensive solutions for these problems. They will last forever. If there is not a mandated plan of action which involves both extreme conservation and extreme diligence then there will be riots. The break up of society will cause starvation.
         It is therefore necessary for you to save farmland from Urban Sprawl in any way you can. Every new home that is built is a loss of farmland. All new  construction should be apartments rather than houses or trailer courts. Mobile homes are particularly bad because their large surface area wastes heat. In order to foster denser housing with taller buildings, zoning needs to be changed so that self contained apartment buildings can be built in the country or houses changed into apartments. Using  an acre to build a house is an unpardonable  waste of land. Apartment buildings can easily dispose of sewage by making biogas and fertilizer from it. Apartments should be self powered as much as possible. County government should formulate plans for building energy saving complexes of apartments outside the city. We must start developing farming as a cooperative venture because lack of fuel and more intense farming will require large amounts of labor.
         Another imperative is to stop the taxation of farm and nature land so that building will be slowed. This means that taxation must be shifted to houses and new developments. Farmers themselves do not get many   services from tax money. They should be taxed only on their houses and not on their land.. Farmers and farmland are  natural resources and should be protected in any way possible. Wild and nature land is a possible source of food, lumber, and fuel. Therefore it should also be saved for the children. 
          It is also essential to initiate a mass tree planting program because wood will be our cheapest energy source. Forests make topsoil, lumber, nature, hunting, food, and fuel. Trees, which bear fruits, acorns for pigs, and nuts are very important. The city and county should get together and develop programs using prisoners, volunteers, and students to plant trees. The development of a local Civilian Conservation Corps, which could be expanded to become Nation wide, would assist in doing  this.
           There should be a model project which would show some of the measures needed to obtain Sustainability. A small 8 unit apartment house which I call an Ecomindium could be built on the city landfill site. The Ecomindium would demonstrate intensive small scale agriculture, cottage industries, extremely low heating costs, solar heat, solar electricity, cogeneration, comanufacturing, and the recycling of sewage to energy and fertilizer.
           Think of your children and grandchildren. The lack of fossil fuels will cause their lives to be filled with hunger, toil, and suffering. We need to plan now for this ultimate catastrophe.
                                                         Kermit Schlansker      PE