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Re: SG-W:/ Sylvan Twp Mobil Home park public hearing

Wow, Bruce, that's awful. Shows why less populated rural twps are targeted. 
DeRossett no help - I'm not surprised. His slogan is, after all, "Building a 
Better Future." I'll never understand why the Ag Community supports him. 

>From: bruce_manny@usgs.gov
>To: smartgrowth-washtenaw@great-lakes.net
>Subject: SG-W:/ Sylvan Twp Mobil Home park public hearing
>Date: Fri, 1 Sep 2000 09:40:17 -0400
>I arrived 15 min late to the public hearing last night. The hearing was
>attended by about 30 members of the public (28 men & two women), the 6
>member Planning Commission (PC) (5  men, one woman), Mr. Fahaye [sp?]
>--legal counsel to Sylvan Twp., a man beside Mr. Fahaye who held up a
>schematic drawing of the 350 MH units on the 130 ac site, and three male MH
>developers, who were petitioning to rezone the land from Ag to MH.  Perhaps
>because I am male and 56 years old, I noticed that all males but one in the
>room were as old or older than I am.  I heard the one younger (36?) man, a
>resident of a subdivision near the petitioned parcel, say to the PC that
>(1) Someone should do an environmental impact study of the proposed MH
>park, (2) Siting the MH park beside his sub would reduce his property
>values, and (3) Would the Twp pay for an attny to represent the subdivision
>in a law suit against the MH developer? The PC chairman said he did not
>think the Twp Board would use Twp funds for such purposes. The female PC
>member noted that only 90-some acres were petitioned to be rezoned MH and
>asked the MH developer where on the drawing the rest of the 130 ac parcel
>was located. The man holding the drawing rotated the drawing 180 degrees,
>then 90 degrees, and the MH developer said "There, just north of the park".
>In response to her second question, the MH developer said that their
>company owned 5 other parks, including one near Charlevoix and two in
>Monroe county. No other questions were asked.
>The PC chairman  closed the public comment period. There was no discussion
>among PC members. The PC chairman then said that (1) The Twp has excellent
>legal counsel from Mr. Fahaye, (2) Elected representatives DuRossette and
>Hansen had told him there was nothing the Twp could do to stop this MH park
>from being built, (3) The proposed park would have (according to the
>developer) only 3.5 units per acre, not the 8/ac allowed "by the State",
>(4) Although the Twp wanted only 150 MH units to meet "State requirements",
>350 units was a lot better than 800-900 that other townships were getting,
>(5) The Twp has no plan for MH development [Could that mean no ordinance
>governing MH development?], and besides,  (6) This proposed MH park would
>have "wide sidewalks".
>The PC chairman then offered a motion to accept the petition to rezone the
>acres to MH. He was interuppted by the attny, Mr. Fahaye, who said what he
>was really trying to move was that the Twp would agree to rezone the parcel
>of land from A-1 to MH upon the condition that the MH developer provides a
>PUD plan acceptable to the Twp Board.  The PC quickly and unanamously
>approved that motion. The MH developer said "Thanks" and sat down.
>The entire public hearing lasted less than 30 minutes. Neither organized
>public opposition nor apparent will by the PC to contest the petition was
>evident at the hearing.  Also lacking was any mention of a regional
>perspective, legal options, or any understanding of the impact the MH park
>would have on taxes, schools, the environment , traffic density, or the
>rural quality of life in Sylvan Twp. The ease with which the rezoning
>petition passed amazed me.
>Unless something changes, the park will be near I-94 at the interchange of
>Old US-12 and I-94.
>Bruce Manny
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