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Think we can survive just one day without our cars? What are the 
prospects for our kids if we can't? Check out the forwarded message below.

If you really can't get by without your car that day (it's a Thursday, 
btw), I'd love to hear the reasons why. Send me a message that explains 
why and I'll compile a list that could be sent on to government 
representatives to show the barriers we face to going carless. Also, if 
you do make the effort to go without for a day, feel free to send a 
description of what it took to do so. CC me if you pass this on to 
friends and I'll compile their responses, too. Since some of you already 
go carless on a regular basis, it would be more informative to expand the 
group of possible participants.

Please don't reply to the entire list!

I'll send out a reminder a few days before the event. If you prefer to 
not receive one, please email me privately and I'll take you off my list.


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Date:        08/30  2:42 PM
Received:    08/31  8:06 AM
From:        Culture Jammers Network, jammers@adbusters.org


If you spent your summer choking on Interstate fumes as you tried to 
find some scrap of wilderness to camp in, here are seven words to 
lift your spirits:

September 21 is World Car-Free Day.

A future without cars is a tantalyzing prospect. A *day* without cars 
is a glimpse of that future. Imagine: People walking, people smiling, 
a man selling ice-cream. (Hold on a sec, we're having a '70s Chicago 
flashback. There, it passed.) Certainly, there will be a measure of 
silence, a measure of peace. Conversations will be heard. Desk 
jockeys will get a little exercise. People will miss appointments 
they didn't really need to make.

After experiencing a city without cars - or, more realistically, part 
of a neighbourhood without cars - many folks will find it hard to 
allow the traffic back the next day.

This is World Car-Free Day's inaugural year. Let's kick it off with 
feeling. Download a poster at http://www.adbusters.org, organize a 
rally or make a personal statement on foot, bike or bus. It matters.

Send your pics and stories to campaigns@adbusters.org

Cheers from the staff and volunteers at Adbusters.

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Steve Bean


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