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Re: SG-W:/ Sylvan Twp Mobil Home park public hearing

> Your idea about a newsletter is a good one.  On a whole I don't believe most
> residents of any township have read their master plan or even know they can
> own one.  I have read Lima's and have to say I was impressed, but I am
> reluctant to delve into Scio's (where we farm) because I fear what I may
> find!   Freedom township has a local newsletter that is circulated, which
> covers issues confronting the township or townships close by.

There are two newsletters in Freedom township:  an official one produced 
once a year by the township, and "The New Freedonia News", produced 
by two other township residents and myself.  We created the NFN to 
publicize the Township's proposal to pave the road we live on, and later 
expanded coverage to many other topics of local and regional 
importance.  We also have reported the Township Board's decisions and 
votes, in a effort to make local government more open and more 
accountable to the public.  To be fair, we solicit and publish the opinions 
of any township residents and local government officials.  I think we 
made a difference on the road paving issue, and hope that we have 
contributed to public interest in other issues.

Chris Ellinger

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