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SG-W:/ Offsetting power plant emissions

Open question: Even if we had a requirement in Washtenaw County like the 
one mentioned below, are there enough other sources of NOX that might be 
reduced or eliminated to compensate for the additions from a power plant? 
If so, this seems to be a plausible way of addressing the emissions 
concerns. (Note that the plant mentioned below is about 5 times as large 
as the proposed Panda Energy plant.)


PS: I hesitate in sending this to the SG/W list, but I don't know of a 
list run by NOPE or anyone else specific to this issue. If you know of 
one, please share.


SAN DIEGO, California, September 8, 2000 (ENS) - Emission reductions in a 
120 truck refuse collection fleet will pave the way for construction of a 
power plant in San Diego County. This project is the first in the nation 
to offset emissions from a new power plant by reducing emissions from 
mobile sources. PG&E Corporation and Waste Management, Inc. plan to 
replace 120 diesel fueled refuse collection trucks with new Mack trucks 
fueled by clean burning natural gas. As a result, tailpipe emissions from 
the fleet will be reduced by more than 50 percent. The air emission 
credits gained through the reductions will be used by the PG&E National 
Energy Group to offset emissions from the Otay Mesa Generating Project, a 
proposed 500 megawatt plant to be built outside of San Diego. 

"As we have seen this summer, there is a critical need for new power 
supplies in California, including the San Diego region. New base load 
power plants, like Otay Mesa, are the long term solution to the immediate 
problem," said Thomas King, president and chief operating officer of the 
PG&E National Energy Group's West Region. "This project is a ground 
breaking, win-win strategy that helps bring the region the new sources of 
power it needs while improving San Diego's air quality." San Diego County 
requires new sources of emissions to be offset by reductions from other 
sources. Otay Mesa, the first major power plant to be built in San Diego 
County in about 30 years, will generate enough power for half a million 

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