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Re: SG-W:/ Panda Power Plant--pollution trading

In a message dated 9/12/2000 1:55:26 PM EST, jeffsurfus@msn.com writes:

<< My question is, isn't Dexter Twp buying into the Chelsea Area Regional 
 My recollection of the plan does not include any provisions for something of
 this sort in Dexter Twp.  If they give something like this the go ahead,
 doesn't it subvert the intent and everything they are working toward as an
 originator of this plan?  Does it take the wheels off of a promising idea
 that is just getting up and running? >>
Once again, the shortcomings of planning in a state where local control 
rules.  Gotta secure land by any means available and not rely on planning to 
save the day.


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