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SG-W:/ Newmarket

Over the past few weeks I have found it increasingly difficult to respond when queried about my opinions on Newmarket -  what I think it will look like or the philosophy behind the development.  Yesterday I participated in the Tour de Sprawl in Webster Twp, driving there from Pittsfield up Zeeb road.  I was reminded on my drive through this beautiful countryside as well as in the pristine areas we viewed in Webster Twp why I have had difficulty in responding to questions about what the "Village" will look like.  That is so far removed from what the issue is, an answer doesn't seem warranted.
For all practical purposes this feels like a war.  A war that hopefully can be fought and won using the philosophy and techniques for winning without casualties, but a war all the same.  A war where there is no clearly defined enemy, only a term "urban sprawl" and it's resulting effects on our lives and our landscape.  The front line is advancing and has now reached Pittsfield Twp. What NewMarket and the related developments signify is a do or die battle.  If Pittsfield Twp. falls that front line will advance into areas like Webster Twp.
The Tour de Sprawl has reinforced my personal resolve to hold off that advancing front.  I hope that is also the case for the 100+ individuals that participated yesterday and that we can advance efforts to work together to move beyond winning individual battles to a collective plan & strategies for winning the war.
Ann Harris
Forever Green