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SG-W:/ Ecology Center to Oppose Panda Power Plant in Dexter Township

For more information on the local opposition see :
http://www.usol.com/~nope/   For detailed information on citizens
opposition to a similar plant in Pennsylvania see:


For Immediate Release

September 27, 2000

Ecology Center to Oppose Panda Power Plant in Dexter Township

For More Information:
Jeff Gearhart, Ecology Center  (734) 663-2400  ext 117

The Ecology Center, based in Ann Arbor, has announced that it will formally
oppose the siting and construction of a proposed 1,080 MW natural gas fired
power plant in Dexter Township.   The plant has been proposed by
Texas-based power company, Panda Electric.  The plant has already generated
local opposition from hundreds of residents, who have formed NOPE (NO to
Panda Electric - http://www.usol.com/~nope).

The Center's opposition is based on two primary reasons:

Unnecessary Increase in Local and Regional Pollution
According to data from similar generating plants using natural gas, the
proposed facility will emit in excess of 3,000,000 pounds per year of
criteria and hazardous air pollutants including many carcinogens and thus
become the biggest air emitter in Washtenaw County.   The County and SE
Michigan have ongoing and serious smog problems (which are directly related
to NOX and VOC emissions) and numerous HAP's (including formaldehyde) are
already at levels of concern in the air (see comparative emission chart
below).  High levels of smog can trigger asthma attacks and contribute to
the development of chronic respiratory diseases.

"We do not support the construction of any additional major sources in the
energy generation sector when there are clear alternatives which could meet
increased energy demand", stated Jeff Gearhart of the Ecology Center.

Demand Reduction & Energy Efficiency Can Meet the Need for Power
According to American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy (ACEEE),
energy efficiency programs could address approximately 60% of the expected
demand growth over the next decade.  Large scale utility energy efficiency
programs operated in a number of states during the 1990's were very cost
effective, saving energy at an average cost of $0.03 per kWh reduced, which
is at or below the cost projected by Panda to generate electricity at the
proposed new plant.  A 1998 study by ACEEE showed that many newer style
market transformation programs are reducing energy usage at a cost of less
than $0.01 per kWh saved.

"The problem is that almost all of these programs have been abandoned in
favor of supply side solutions.  Which means building more plants at the
cost of the environment and public health", stated Gearhart.  The ACEEE
study (http://www.aceee.org/briefs/peakwp.pdf) and many others outline a
range of state and federal policies that can meet this 60%.  The remaining
40% can be meet through a number of other creative solutions and through
the construction of a few much smaller plants.

"Ultimately, it is cheaper to save energy, than generate energy.  Energy
efficiency is good for the whole economy AND reduces pollutants.   Most of
any growth in demand can be accommodated less expensively through energy
efficiency rather than building and running new electric generating plants
of any kind.  That includes natural gas plants," concluded Gearhart.

The proposed project also raises serious local land use, stormwater,
infrastructure, zoning issues which have been noted by local residents.

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Potential Emissions from Panda Plant1

CO (Carbon Monoxide)				1,336,000
NOx (Nitrogen Oxides) 			924,000
 SO2					468,000
 PM/PM10 (Particulate Matter)	 		530,000
 VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds)2		130,400

1 Data from the  proposed 1,000 megawatt Panda Perkiomen, Pennsylvania
Power Plant.  Proposed Dexter Township plant should have similar emissions.
Source: Panda Perkiomen Generating Station air quality application, Table
2-4, revised 10/6/99.

2 33,400 lbs of HAZARDOUS AIR POLLUTANTS included in the VOC total.

Jeff Gearhart
Campaign Director
Ecology Center
117 N. Division
Ann Arbor, MI  48104
(734)663-2400 x117
(734)663-2414 fx.


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