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SG-W:/ NOPE and the Panda Plant

For those who are involved in the Panda Plant fight in Dexter, I was
curious if NOPE is making any effort to promote positive land preservation
in their opposition to the Panda plant?  I noticed that the group made a
point of highlighting the "beauty" of the property in photos on their web
site but we all realize that someone has to pay taxes on that "view" and
the property won't remain undeveloped unless someone makes an effort to
save it.

My concern in that NOPE won't be much more than a NIMBY group that will
focus on stopping the Panda project while doing nothing to preserve the
property. Even worse, they might suggest residential development as the
"preferred" alternative.  I know it has to kill people like Barry, who
work hard on land preservation, to see all this energy and money being
spent in a reactive way but nary a peep is heard from most of these people
when he and others are trying to preserve farmland.  

Hopefully, someone active with NOPE can highlight the group's "proactive"
efforts for farmland preseration.

Andrew Mutch

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