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SG-W:/ We need your help on the Washtenaw Natural Areas Proposal


As you've no doubt heard, The Sierra Club-Huron Valley Group, the Ecology
Center, the Huron River Watershed Council, and the Washtenaw-Potawatomi
Land Trust have succeeded in getting the Natural Areas Proposal on the
November ballot.

Proposal B will raise $25 million to purchase natural areas in Washtenaw
County to protect them forever as parks.  Coupled with state and federal
matching funds, this will save more than 5,000 acres of our area's most
environmentally important lands.  The program targets valuable wildlife
habitat, wetlands, ponds, streams, and buffer zones to protect fragile
lands. Every city and township in the County contains natural areas that
fit these criteria.  In addition to preserving the environmental benefits
of natural areas, Proposal B will allow us to walk, canoe, fish, and
picnic in some of the most beautiful places in our County.

If voters approve Proposal B on November 7th, we will take the first major
step towards doing something constructive about the sprawl that is
overwhelming our county.  You can be one of the volunteers who will win
this election.  Please volunteer to help by:

- putting up a yard sign at your home
- distributing literature
- writing a letter to your local newspaper (do it soon)
- adding your name to our signature ad
- contributing money to the campaign (*see below)
- telling friends about the Proposal B camapign and about volunteering 

If you are willing to join me and the others who are volunteering to save
the best nature we've got left in Washtenaw County, please reply to me
(not the whole listserv) by replying to this email.  Our volunteer
coordinator, Freya McCamant, will contact you to discuss your interests.  
Feel free to forward this message to people you think might be interested
in joining us in this effort.

It will take a whole lot of work to win this ballot initiative.  But if we
all pitch in a little bit, we can win this one and preserve a natural
Washtenaw County.  


Doug Cowherd
Chair, Sierra Club - Huron Valley Group

On behalf of:   Mike Garfield, Ecology Center
		Laura Rubin, Huron River Watershed Council
		Barry Lonik, Washtenaw-Potawatomi Land Trust
* Contributions to the campaign by check should be written to
  "Natural Washtenaw" and mailed to 1308 E. Stadium, Ann Arbor, MI 48104.

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