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SG-W:/ State proposal 2 (Correcting a typo!!!)

To all,

   I wrote the e-mail below about State Proposal 2 but inadvertently typed
B. Of course, County Proposal B is the Natural Features Proposal, which I
strongly support.

   Corrected message below:

Hello all,

   I haven't seen much if any discussion of State Proposal 2 on this listserv.

   It seems to me that this proposal, if passed, would be a disaster for
the anti-sprawl movement. The only real hope for controlling sprawl is some
kind of regional governmental function at the County level, at least. It is
obvious that the townships have been ineffective in preventing suburban low
density development in their areas. A Township is too small to be able to
do planning on a reasonable scale, and too small to have the resources to
take on legal challenges, which can e tremendously expensive. Proposal 2
would make it nearly impossible to establish any sort of governmental body
that would limit the prerogatives of the townships.

   Perhaps I am missing something here and I would welcome other points of
view, but I can only see this Proposal as a looming disaster.

  Am I right?

						- Bob Johnson

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