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SG-W:/ Re: local pits of corruption

Hi all- we're busy with the referendum petitions here in Pittsfield. No 
comment one way or the other on Prop 2, but to Vivienne's comments below, I 
want to add, You are so right about this point, Vivienne! Let's hope there's 
a change for the better here soon! Christina
>4. While it might be true that some local governments can be cradles of
>innovation, others are and have been pits of corruption and
>wrong-headedness.  There are examples right here in Washtenaw County
>(some of them discussed on this very listserv) where power is closely
>held by just a few people, who restrict public access to decisions and
>make them on the basis of personal gain for themselves or their
>associates.  State and federal oversight is important for good
>government.  I grew up during the civil rights era in the South, when
>many segregationists were using "states rights" arguments which sound
>uncomfortably like some of those being expressed in favor of this

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