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Re: SG-W:/ prop 2

Vivienne Armentrout wrote:

> [snip]

> 3. This is not just about home rule on zoning.  It is an extremely broad
> *amendment to the constitution* which would affect "any law which
> addresses a matter which a county, city, township, village or municipal
> authority could otherwise address under its governing powers...".  The
> reverberations could be enormous.  Possibly any type of legislative
> action could be affected.

You wanna go with that?

> 4. While it might be true that some local governments can be cradles of
> innovation, others are and have been pits of corruption and
> wrong-headedness.  There are examples right here in Washtenaw County
> (some of them discussed on this very listserv) where power is closely
> held by just a few people, who restrict public access to decisions and
> make them on the basis of personal gain for themselves or their
> associates.  State and federal oversight is important for good
> government.  I grew up during the civil rights era in the South, when
> many segregationists were using "states rights" arguments which sound
> uncomfortably like some of those being expressed in favor of this
> measure.

True, but OTOH, couldn't state/fed oversight be accomplished while allowing
the locals the ability to 'do' their gov't the way they want to without being
forced to act according to the edict of some distant group of legislators?
Seems to me it might be a little easier to change the face of local gov't than
that of state gov't. Lots of effort but fewer dollars.


Ron Torrella
Pittsfield Twp

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