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SG-W:/ Washtenaw County Legislators and PAC Money

To all,

In my other life, I work for Clean Water Action.  We just released a
report entitled:  "Spending for Sprawl", which highlights the amount of
money certain legislators have taken in from Real Estate, Construction and
Development Political Action Committees (PACs).  We tallied the amount of
money the legislators' campaigns took in from these PACs over the last 2
election campaigns.  There are some not so surprising contrasts between
the four legislators serving Washtenaw County.  Here are the numbers:

John Hansen (D-52)  $1,000
Liz Brater (D-53)  $0
Ruth Jamnick (D-54) $2,800
Gene DeRossett (D-55)  $10,825

Mr. DeRossett, a realtor and owner of a construction company, appears to
have a direct connection with the Real Estate, Construction and
Development interests in Lansing, including the Realtors PAC of Michigan,
the Building Industry Association, and the Michigan Association of Home
Builders.  Mr. DeRossett is also Chair of a special Task Force set up by
Speaker Perricone to address issues associated with sprawl.  Not
surprisingly, the task force has done little.

Folks in SE Washtenaw county need to know this.

This is not political advocacy.  These are the facts.

The entire report can be downloaded at:

It is a .pdf file, so you will need Adobe Acrobat to download it.

Please contact me if you would like more info.

Jeff Surfus

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