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SG-W:/ MONDAY!! Take action on Toronto trash!

 As we work so hard to preserve the character of our county, Toronto is
planning to send over 1.5 million tons of garbage each year to Arbor Hills
Landfill and Carlton Farms landfill. More than 200 trucks a day will be
coming to a  landfill near you!  Please help us make sure SE Michigan does
not become a dumping ground!

We need folks to go to Detroit on Monday for a press event from 12:30 to
1:30 in front of the Ambassador Bridge. (Leave from the Ecology Center at
11:30, back by 2:30.) Large bags of garbage and an over-size Engler/Harding
puppet will greet trucks as they come over with a big welcome sign.  It'll
be FUN!!!!!   So, come one, come all!

We'll have a giant Engler puppet welcoming the trash in, and we'll be
demanding that the Engler/Harding administration, as well as our State and
Federal reps take action on this!

We'll meet in Detroit at  the Matrix Theater at 2730 Bagley.  From 96 or
75, take the Ambassador Bridge exit.  Instead of going onto the bridge,
bear left, then take a left onto the Service Drive.  After on block, take a
right onto Bagley.  The theater is one block up on the right and there's
lots of parking on the street.  We'll assemble there, then walk the one
block to the bridge enterance.
Thanks, Mary Beth

Mary Beth Doyle, MPH
Environmental Health Project
Ecology Center
117 N. Division
Ann Arbor MI 48104

734-663-2400 ext 108
734-663-2414 (fax)

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