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SG-W:/ Politics

       It is very important that you vote in the next election. You have a choice between voting for a man who can not be elected, a man who wants to drill for our last oil supplies, and a man who does not want to drill for oil in Alaska. Make no mistake, unless Global Warming becomes a catastrophe in the next 20 years, shortages will cause that oil to be drilled for, even by a Democrat regime. However, it must be delayed as long as possible because our small children will need it much worse than we do. Presently, about the only scenario for Sustainability that I can see is catastrophe followed by martial law. Then the measures we need to prolong our destiny may be possible. It is not the politicians who are at fault, it is the people. Our children are innocent of this present waste of resources and lack of investment in the future. They demand an advocacy. There are many things that could be started now with little controversy. A simple example would be the ubiquitous mass planting of trees at lowest cost. Environmentalists should look at the needs of the children 50 years ahead, and act accordingly.
          Think not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.
                               Kermit Schlansker  PE