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SG-W:/ Proposal B Results

Not only did Proposal B get approved by 64% of Washtenaw County voters
yesterday, it also won a majority in all but three townships.  (And even in
those three townships, no vote total slipped below 48%.)  You may not be
surprised to hear that voters in every Ann Arbor precinct approved B, and
that the city as a whole favored it 3-1.  But the plan also won a majority
in historically tax-unfriendly Ypsilanti Township, won 70% of the vote in
Scio Township, and 65% in Pittsfield Township.  And folks on this listserve
who recall the discussion about the Panda Energy plant may be pleased to
hear that Dexter Township voted 60-40 for B.

A breakdown by municipality follows.  If you want to find your own
precinct's results on B, check the county's website at

Thanks to everyone who worked so hard to help the County say YES to Nature
yesterday.  November 7 truly was a great day for the movement to stop
sprawl in Washtenaw County!


Ann Arbor City	75%
Milan City		54%
Saline City	60%
Ypsilanti City	64%

Ann Arbor		71%
Augusta		48%
Bridgewater	51%
Dexter		60%
Freedom		50%
Lima		56%
Lodi		54%
Lyndon		52%
Manchester	53%
Northfield		50%
Pittsfield		65%
Salem		52%
Saline		48%
Scio		70%
Sharon		53%
Superior		56%
Sylvan		56%
Webster		64%
York		52%
Ypsilanti		52%

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Ecology Center
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