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Re: SG-W:/ sewer pact

Andrew Mutch wrote:

> I saw this at mlive.com:
> Sewer pact is approved
> http://aa.mlive.com/news/index.ssf?/news/stories/20001116a940amc2apittsycua16.frm
> Where the outgoing Township Board in Pittsfield signed a contract to double the
> Township's sewer capacity and surely to encourage more development [and remove
> legal defenses for those who want to control development].  Talk about a public
> disservice and undermining the will of the people!!

YCUA apparently didn't want to be out-done. They appear to have approved the new
contract with Pittsfield.

YCUA sewer contract raises daily limit

The behavior of the outgoing Township Board amounts to sabotage. It really makes one
wonder what the hell is going on behind closed doors. I'm still waiting to see what
kind of scat the Planning Commission is dropping on the trail for the incoming
Township Board. Truly, this is a sad state of affairs.

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