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Re: SG-W:/AANews Editorial re new Pittsfield administration

In a message dated 12/14/2000 0:30:21 AM EST, goldenspiderfarm@hotmail.com 

<< I hope this answers some questionms about the shocking week of volunteer 
 work Judith did. I feel so bad that she has taken such relentless criticism 
 for doing a public service, but that's politics, I guess.>>

Say it, sister!

That email alone should tell you all that the folks who have taken office in 
Pittsfield are of high integrity and ability.  They did the right things to 
put themselves in the position of running for and obtaining those offices, 
not the least of which was attending a gazillion township meetings and 
holding the previous board's collective feet to the fire for so long.  Thanks 
Tina for your outstanding work to date, and what you and everyone will 
accomplish in the years to come.


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