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Re: SG-W:/ The Ann Arbor News

On Thu, 14 Dec 2000 Massage4@aol.com wrote:
> While I read the Ann Arbor News occasionally, I would never trust the 
> editorial positions of the newspaper on issues regarding growth management.  
> This newspaper has a vested interest in growth because increased growth would 
> increase the circulation of the newspaper and provide more realty 
> advertising.  

I don't trust the editorial positions, but I do read them as they can
bring up issues I did not know about, as in the case of the goings-on at
Pittsfield Twshp. government. The re-organization that Tina talked about
is something I would have never known of if it hadn't appeared as an
editorial in the News, as I don't think they have covered it as a regular
news item at all - though it probably should.

However, to say that their editorial positions have been pro-growth
because that would increase their circulation is, I think, far too
simplistic. More likely, the change in editorial positions over time is
more likely a result of a change in the editors themselves. If we were to
follow your logic, every architect in the city would be pro-growth because
it would give them more jobs. That isn't the case; most architects I know
are definately against sprawl and for a livelier city, at least partly
because sprawl is so ugly.

As for the News' viewpoints, I believe that you can still write an essay
and submit it as an independant view. So if you feel quite strongly about
an issue and don't think they do a good enough job of covering it, then
write to them! As long as it was a variety of people writing in, I don't
see how they could deny us for long.


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