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SG-W:/ Writing viewpoints.

In response to KG.

I have written viewpoints to the Ann Arbor Snooze and so have many others, 
but the newspaper refuses to print them.  The paper gives various excuses why 
not to print them, most of them petty minor reasons that have nothing to do 
with the quality of the writing, but more to do with the viewpoints of the 

The paper has so much development advertising, the editors are so hostile to 
limiting growth, and the paper relinques any role in dealing with this issue, 
that I can't help but reaching the conclusion that the paper is 

Finally, to argue that the above logic leads to the following,  "every 
architect in the city would be pro-growth because it would give them more 
jobs," is disingenuous.  Many architects work on projects that do not include 
the converting of land into tract housing and Mobil gas stations.  But more 
importantly, you are ignoring the connection between how the media is 
controlled by conservative interests. One of those interests is development.  
The Ann Arbor News is part of a chain of newspapers and I am sure the editor 
in chief of the newspaper is chosen for certain viewpoints.  The Ann Arbor 
News is so out of touch with the environmental sentiments of so many of us 
that it does not feel like a community newspaper.  

David Rosenberg

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